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Body & Face St Cyrus Manufacturing Standards

Production is based on the use of long-established functional ingredients. Ingredients not essential for the performance of a product are kept to a minimum. This includes items whose function is solely to enhance the aesthetic appeal such as colouring and fragrances.

Animal testing / product content

We do not use ingredients derived or originating from the slaughter of animal or bird life.

No ingredient has been animal tested or re-tested for cosmetic purposes since 1st July 1994.

We conform in all respects to the requirements of the Humane Cosmetics Standard and are accredited by Cruelty Free International. We will take all necessary steps to maintain our compliance to the standard. All our suppliers are surveyed on an annual basis to ensure that no ingredients are tested on animals.

Plant / Vegetable-based ingredients

As far as possible all ingredients are of plant origin or derived from plant material.

As far as possible all organic-based materials originate from sustainable or cultivated crops.

We will not use materials knowingly derived from genetically modified (GM) plants until such time as their safe use and benefits are generally accepted. We believe that responsible genetic research on plants is vital for scientific progress. However, the current haste to commercialise is not supported by proven safety and environmental controls.


The use of preservatives is kept to a minimum, and only to the extent that their presence is essential to the safe and proper use of the product concerned and as governed by the Cosmetic Safety Regulations.

Non-renewable resources

The use of non-renewable (e.g. oil) and synthesised organic materials is kept to a minimum or avoided where an acceptable alternative is available.

Inorganic materials

Inorganic materials (such as clays, zinc oxide) are used only to meet functional or legal requirements specific to a particular product.

Protecting the environment

Transport packaging is re-used or recycled whenever practicable.

We make every effort to use only ingredients that will biodegrade safely.

Standards to which Body and Face St Cyrus Ltd adhere

British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection

- aiming to end all animal experimentation and authorising accreditation of the Humane Cosmetics Standard.

See BUAV [opens in a new window]

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and also:

Cruelty Free International

Working to end animal testing on cosmetics and consumer products. Body & Face St Cyrus was fully audited in 2013.

Shopping Cruelty Free at Go Cruelty Free [opens in a new window]

Aromatherapy Trades Council

- the UK trade association for specialist aromatherapy essential oils promoting high standards of quality and safety and safe usage of oils. See a-t-c [opens in a new window]

EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009

Ensuring that cosmetics placed on the market are safe. For information see EU legislation [opens in a new window]


Deeside Natural Mineral Water

– detailing the unique qualities of this water. See Deeside Mineral Water [opens in a new window]

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