Body and Face St Cyrus Ltd
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Manufacturer of Personal Care Products and Private Label Formulations
for skin, hair and body care

Committed to building long-term relationships with customers!

For our customers:

Flexibility: we can handle both large and small-scale productions runs.

Skilled staff: offering an amalgam of experience, knowledge and honesty (no unsubstantiated claims), together with the use of appropriate technology, whilst taking on board the latest scientific, technical and health research.

B&F staff with herb extractor

Own label customers Body & Face St Cyrus Ltd aims to develop close working relationships with customers to provide a complete business entity and will, as far as possible, avoid any conflict of interest between customers operating in essentially the same market area.

Base products: we can supply base products for customer enhancement: for example, by the addition of essential oils by aromatherapists. See our Naroma Parabens-free “600” range. We can also enhance these products by adding herbal extracts in the most appropriate form.

Product development: Body & Face is able to collaborate with bench-scale product developers and suppliers with expertise in the increasing range of ‘functional’ ingredients that are of interest to customers and to provide customers with access to ingredients and formulations targeted to today’s markets. This adds to our manufacturing scale-up expertise.

Supply: We are able to supply in bulk or in your final retail form.

Expertise: Products range from quality personal care products to gift-oriented to therapy:

Skin care – moisturisers, cleansers, toners, lotions, balms

B&F staff pouring balms Hair care – shampoos, conditioners and professional trichology treatments for hair and scalp problems

Foot care

Aromatherapy base products – Paraben-free

Household products- linen sprays, furniture polishes, room fragrances

Gentle baby care products

B&F staff hand-filling gels Body & Face own retail ranges – retail site

The Customer Websites pages provide further details of our third-party customers.

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