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Oat Derivatives

Oat (Avena sativa) derivatives have a long history of relief for irritation and itching.

Oat Oil is extracted from oat kernels in a process which maintains the biologically active components and provides a clear oil. A high level of natural anti-oxidants is found including forms of Vitamin E; the oil is rich in essential fatty acids and natural emollients. It has good emulsification properties for water-in-oil emulsion systems.

Colloidal oats acts as a natural thickener in formulations. Oat actives include: Avenanthramides, Avenacins, Flavanoids and simple and complex phenolics.

Avananthramides © Ceapro

Shown above is a typical structure of Avananthramides – said to be anti-inflammatory, to aid de-granulation of the skin, have anti-oxidant properties and are non-allergenic. Avananthramides are a group of naturally occurring polyphenols found only in oats. They are fully soluble in aqueous, oil/water and water/oil systems.


beta-Glucan © Ceapro

A long-chain, water soluble polysaccharide extracted from the cell walls of oat kernels, β-Glucan has been shown to effectively penetrate the skin and is claimed to be a better moisturiser than Hyaluronic Acid. It is available to ECOCERT standards.

Recent in vivo testing of the efficacy β-Glucan on the reduction of irritation in both surfactant and UV-induced erythema has been reported in Personal Care Europe of June 2012. In this same article trials were also reported on the hair strengthening effects of a conditioning serum containing 5% β-Glucan as the active ingredient with improvement in tensile strength shown.

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