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Caring for your hair naturally

There are two main steps in hair maintenance:

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Shampooing Ensuring that the hair is clean and shiny is the most important step in hair care. A shampoo should cleanse thoroughly without irritating or disturbing the acidity of the scalp.

It is not necessary to use large quantities of the shampoo to achieve good results. Nor should shampooing leave the hair squeaky clean as this indicates that too much oil and moisture have been removed.

Conditioning Hair that is dried after shampooing may become charged with static electricity and this makes the hair flyaway or difficult to manage. To overcome this use a conditioner after every shampoo. The pH balance of the hair is restored and shine and bulk is increased throughout.

A conditioner will also help smooth down the hair cuticle which is damaged and roughened by hard water and / or chemical treatments.

It will also give each hair a protective coating, thus helping to protect the hair from harmful substances and minimise water evaporation − the main cause of dryness.

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For further information on hair treatment and scalp problems refer to the Mid Kent Trichology web-site

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