Body and Face St Cyrus Ltd
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Company ethos

As a small company we are able to use a synergy of people skills and equipment and appropriate technology to the best advantage.

Basic formulations

Basic formulations avoid highly chemically processed ingredients. A minimum of chemical manipulation is involved between the raw materials and the final product.



Body & Face St Cyrus Ltd try to use UK−sourced herbs as far as possible with the herbs used holistically. All herbs are purchased from accredited suppliers of medicinal-quality herbs.

We use the latest scientific / technological knowledge to get the full functionality from the basic plant material − avoiding processing / refining or synthesising of the active components of natural materials.

Herb extracts are made specifically for each end product in whatever form is most appropriate − be it water, oil or tincture based.

Pure (essential) Oils

Pure oils are obtained only from accredited members of the Aromatherapy Trades Council − for more information see Links to related sites.


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For all aqueous herbal applications we use only pure Deeside Natural Mineral Water − a unique spring water with clinically proven medicinal benefits. The Links to related sites give further details.

For processing we use the naturally soft water coming from a nearby loch at the head of Glen Esk in the Grampian Mountains.

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