Body and Face St Cyrus Ltd
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Introducing the company

Who are we?

Body & Face St Cyrus Ltd is a family-run company committed to the production of high quality personal care products that are as natural as possible and with minimal chemical processing of raw materials.

Laurencekirk winterWhere are we?

Body & Face St Cyrus Ltd is situated in the small country town of Laurencekirk, at the very edge of the Grampian mountains in north-east Scotland an ideal location for the manufacture of toiletries with fresh, clean air and naturally pure, soft water coming from a nearby loch in the hills above Glen Esk.


What are we?

Since the early 1990s we have been manufacturers of the finest quality products for both Body & Face Naroma and third-party ranges, both bespoke and from base product ranges.

We have been manufacturers of aromatherapy products since the early 1990s.

We manufacture for export to the EU, the Middle and Far East and North America with Australia pending.

The Trade & Business and Manufacturing pages show full details of our Base Ranges, finished products and product development services.

See the images of our production operations and read about our manufacturing policy and our uniqueness in formulations and ingredients.

Our People Philosophy

Our Values Model

Core Values

Introducing Our Staff


From Left to Right: Angela and Bill (directors), Linda (Workshop Manager) and Debbie (Office Manager)


Production Images

Stacey with the coding machine;
Stacey, Linda & Ivan with the bottle cleaner

Ivan testing the pH of a product

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